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Tofino Towel Co. Inner City Towel

Tofino Towel Co. Inner City Towel

Brown, navy, and white 1.5M round towel made of 100% cotton and inspired by endless ocean views from a white sand paradise. Limited Edition designed by Gentle Fawn.

Why Round? As avid outdoor enthusiasts, beach goers and socialites, Tofino Towel Co.'s founders have spent many hours hanging out and relaxing on traditional rectangular beach towels. One common theme noticed during their beach gatherings was that they tended to spend a great deal of time moving their towels to shake off the sand and continually adjusted them in order to achieve the perfect angle of direct sunshine. One day they finally asked themselves, why isn’t there a circular towel that would put an end to all this preventable moving and shaking? That’s when Tofino Towel Co. was born – A true piece of West Coast fashion with everyday functionality, durability and versatility for you to appreciate.

No more wasting your treasurable zen moments moving your towel and getting sand all over yourself, your personal belongings and the people around you. Now you can simply kick back, relax uninterruptedly while you get to gaze upon the endless sandy surf kissed beaches of Tofino.

This towel is also available in Other Colors.

Also available in store at Trustfund.

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Tofino Towel Co. Inner City Towel

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